Are you looking for a workshop or talk for your group or organization? 

The following topics can make a life-changing difference!

  • How to let go of criticism and judgment
  • Creating What You Desire By Aligning with Your True Self
  • Navigating Conflict in Your Organization or Personal Relationships
  • How to Experience Deeper Intimacy and Connection
  • How to Communicate Difficult Truths without Drama
  • How to Forgive, and Move on
  • How to Manage Your energy in all 4 areas – Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually

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What Past Participants shared:

“So many pearls from this one! My biggest insight was realizing how much negative energy I hold expecting others to acknowledge their wrong doing.”

“You really shine with confidence.  You have captivated us.  Whatever it is, you’ve found the formula, the magic.”  

“I always, repeat, always leave with something new that I can apply directly to my closest relationships. Your knowledge has helped me over the years in so many ways. Feeling grateful..”

“I hope you know how much insight you gave us into the dynamics of our personal relationships.  We were hanging on every word! You gave us so many tools and things to reflect on when our exchanges don’t result in what we hope or expect.  It seems obvious but we rarely think about the energy we bring to an interaction.  We expect understanding, compassion and empathy but don’t often think about what we bring to the table.”

“So many “ah-HA” moments Carolyn! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with us! In sharing, we realized that, although we all are living different “issues”, we can still relate to what was said and use your insights as part of our own “solutions tool box”! Will be keeping my notes and re-reading often. Already I feel like my perspective has changed in a dramatic way.” 

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