I found Carolyn when I came across a piece she wrote regarding releasing judgment and expectations on TinyBuddha.com.  Although I am not judgment free yet, I can now recognize when I am judging someone.  It is a difficult practice, and I’m not always successful with it, but when I am, it is liberating. I’ve started teaching my kids about judgment and how to recognize it.

I’ve learned so much in the three months that I’ve worked with Carolyn.  She has helped me with my personal growth and opened up my awareness, which I will continue to practice.  She helped me recognize where I was controlling, and how fear/jealousy was showing up in my thoughts and actions.  She also helped me recognize how fear paints a false reality.

Carolyn was always available and I felt very safe with all that I was discussing with her.  She has been there in my struggles to help me though it all.  I enjoyed writing down my emotions and events. She spent a lot of time breaking down my words and pointed out things that I couldn’t see. I found this invaluable!  I read Carolyn’s written replies multiple times to digest it. I also recorded some of our video coaching sessions, which was also a powerful review for me.

I became aware of the negative and destructive patterns that were destroying my relationship.  After only 3 months, I feel significantly more joy, connection, and my mindset is so much healthier for both myself, and my family. Everything she said resonated with me.  I highly recommend her as a life coach!


Eddie Moy, Consultant, Network Security Engineer

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