What Clients Are Saying..

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to experience working with you as a coach. You have helped me be a better person in so many ways I can’t even begin to tell you. Because of you I have amazing people in my life.

~S. Franklin

Meeting Carolyn and coaching with her have been one of the greatest things that happened to me. I took every word she said very seriously, she motivated me to improve in many aspects of my life. She introduced me to the Secret and now I am a much happier person, I look at things differently, I appreciate everything and everybody I have in my life, Carolyn showed me the way to be able to say what I can say now: I am VERY HAPPY to be who I am!

~G. Boyd

Coaching with Carolyn taught me to understand what it means to judge someone, including myself. I learned where I was making false assumptions so I could let go of analyzing every little thing that happens to me and not take other’s actions or words so personally. In short, I gained the freedom to experience life as it comes, which has allowed me to experience more joy, fulfillment, and a lot less stress in my life. Thank you so much Carolyn!

~N. Mosley

I have become more self-aware and am now conscious of the role self-criticism has both for how I treat myself and how I respond to others.  I continue to reflect on our work together and try to keep myself focused on what I learned, particularly to prioritize my “to do list” and be reasonable about what I am asking myself to achieve in a given period of time; and to situate myself in a place of compassion, letting go of judgement of both myself and others. What you write is beautiful and so appreciated! I am grateful to be doing this coaching with you; you are indeed talented!

~A. Ross, University Professor

Working with Carolyn as my coach was life-changing!   The relationships in my life have improved  and I just feel so much better about myself and my connections with others.  One of my biggest lightbulb moments was the realization that I can’t change anyone – only myself.   I used to get angry and frustrated by how certain people behaved. I’d think “how can they…” and I learned how to let others be who they are.  I realized that I was the one creating my own stress by judging them.

~ M. Seto

You helped me see a different perspective in my wife and more importantly in myself. Working on ourselves individually was the most important step in allowing us to see each other and show up differently. This, more than anything, allowed us to come together and build back the love and trust we were missing in our lives.
~Sr. Business Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry

Coaching with Carolyn has released a lot of stress, and anger I was feeling I didn’t realize had built up over the years. She got me to focus on my priorities around family, friends, and my overall health, and well being. I gained some critical insights around my own spirituality, which has given me a new inner peace, and improved the relationships I have with the people in my life especially within my family, patients, and colleagues.”

~Steve Choi, family physician, MD

You helped me relate more effectively with colleagues, and staff, improved my work-life balance, and got me focused on my physical, and nutritional health that has given me more energy, and efficiency.

~D.S., MD, MEd, FRCS(C)

Carolyn’s Professional coaching services has taught me how to better manage challenging relationships in particular with colleagues, and family, so I enjoy healthier, happier relationships.

~ T. Russell, MD, MSc, FRSC (C), RVT

Coaching for me was a new although somewhat ‘challenging’ experience. I learned many things that have put me on a alternate path and this has helped in all realms of my life. Carolyn is a bright, sensitive person who brought out new aspects in the way I think and feel and the experience of coaching with her has been tremendous.

~Family physician, MD

Hmmm..where do I start..You’re so inspiring! I always feel elated, and inspired after coaching with you! I’m thankful for you.

~J. Renee

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