Pebbles In The Pond - CAROLYN HIDALGO

Pebbles in the Pond

“Forgiveness is like medicine. It can heal you -it’s a way to be FREE.”


Read Carolyn’s story on forgiveness. You can’t forgive someone you judging. Be inspired by transformational stories from authors worldwide in the original book of the best-selling series ‘Pebbles in the Pond’.

Includes Robert Allen, Arielle Ford, and Marci Shimoff.

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In a judgment-free space you can find your voice, and share it with the world for the difference you want to make.

Adventures In Manifesting Success And Spirituality - CAROLYN HIDALGO

Adventures in Manifesting – A Series

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In my chapter “Letting Go of Judgment to Attract What Matters”, you’ll discover HOW to manifest the experiences YOU want!

In 2011, Sean Patrick Simpson, and Sarah Prout found me on-line when I’d just begun writing. Sarah is the Queen of Manifesting her dreams – sign up for her amazing resources here. We all see ‘the 11’s’ that began for me in childhood seeing 11:11 on my bedside clock radio. My 11:11 book is in progress..stay tuned  🙂

Check out this trailer of the film I Origins if you are intrigued about 11’s, and your spiritual journey.

Both Success and Spirituality, and Health and Happiness are filled with real personal stories including best-selling teachers from The Secret Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, and Joe Vitale who have learned how to apply the Universal principle of The Law of Attraction.


Adventures In Manifesting Success And Spirituality Set

The Adventures in Manifesting Debut

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Success & Spirituality with Health & Happiness

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