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I focus on the healing, transformation, and growing the relationships most important to you, and a life that fills your soul. As a spiritual life coach, I apply on a model of living judgment-free.

My Story

I grew up with 3 brothers, and 2 sisters. Friends called us “the Brady Bunch” from the popular tv sitcom of the ’70s.  Years later I was surprised to read criticism about how unrealistic it portrayed family issues with lessons learned, and harmony by the show’s end.

It didn’t seem much different than my own family!

I grew up without drama, and plenty of structure. There was little shouting, practical needs were met, and issues got worked out with little fuss, and a lot of patience.

I affectionately call my parents (both physicians) “workaholics”.  My mother is a “Queen of organization” with her systems for meals, chores, and homework that had our household of 8 running smoothly.

I got an early dose of  “for goodness sake – that’s not something to cry about”. No complaining for us!  There were rules to follow: work hard, take responsibility, and be kind to one another.

“Just get on with it” was our mantra. Emotions got pushed aside.

It turns out my family is not the norm.

Life was often messier, filled with painful challenges – financial, mental, emotional, or otherwise.

A Practical Path

Higher education was expected, and we all earned post-secondary degrees. 3 MDs, 2 MBAs, and me, a Chartered Accountant (CPA). I didn’t really celebrate accomplishments. I followed what I was supposed to do: get educated, have a profession, and raise a family.

I believed this would lead to ‘living happily ever after’.

Although there was harmony, and direction – any sense of meaning, purpose or fulfillment was buried under what felt like common sense. Passion for what you loved wasn’t part of the equation for success.

My earliest fascination was with understanding how people think, and behave.  As a teen, I’d flip straight to columnist Ann Lander’s advice in our local paper believing there were ‘smarter people’ who had the ‘right answers’. “What a great job writing to people with solutions to their problems!” I thought.

I began majoring in psychology, but when told “that degree won’t get you anywhere”, I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce.

Over the next decade, I’d often hear: “you don’t seem like an accountant”, but I didn’t pay much attention.  

In February 2000, my husband and I welcomed a baby boy.  For Christmas that year, we received a baby girl ornament. It felt like a strange coincidence that I’d recently purchased the identical ornament. I thought about giving the duplicate away.

In less than 2 years we were overjoyed with the birth of twin girls. An exhilarating, and exhausting time! Their first Christmas I came across the identical baby girl ornaments, and paused. I’d forgotten. A ‘twilight zone’ feeling overcame me. Our identical girls were 2 months old.

I’d also forgotten that I’d clipped out Ann’s advice to a mother of twin girls (her twin sister was advice columnist: ‘Dear Abby’). Secretly I’d wanted twin girls, and in the event it happened – I figured I could read how best to raise them (treat them as individuals)!

Be mindful of what you ask for. I didn’t know I’d been co-creating my reality all along with my intentions.

I felt extremely blessed with a wonderful husband, great career, healthy children, but something deeper felt missing.

I couldn’t see myself juggling the corporate world and raising our 3 children. My husband, a financial executive worked long hours, and travelled often. I decided to stay home during the early years to maintain balance in our family life (I’m a Libra).

I started dabbling in home-based businesses, and discovered a love for writing. I remembered my high school teacher trying to tell me: “you’re a good English student”.

I didn’t pay attention (despite an A+ in her class) because math, and science were the important subjects in our home while English was subjective, and not ‘career reliable’.

Being True to Myself

When my children were pre-schoolers, I joined a small group of women led by a life coach. Our secret dreams, fears, and what wasn’t working all poured out in a safe judgment-free space.

It was eye-opening, and the beginning of my own self-examination.

I questioned who I was, and what I valued. It brought me back to my love of psychology. I began to connect the dots of who I’d always been.  Signs (e.g. birds especially swallows, the 11:11 prompt) began to appear, and synchronicities where I’d think “what are the chances?” became frequent occurrences.

The law of attraction began happening where I started manifesting things not realizing that all along my vibration was rising in alignment with my soul.  My dream house showed up when I wasn’t even looking to move. It was exactly what I imagined ‘someday’ that suddenly became a reality. I was starting to do what I loved in my work, and making the difference I wanted.

The Missing Link: Spirituality

I’d been longing for a deeper sense of aliveness, and connection with the people closest to me, but couldn’t couldn’t put my finger on it. After doing my own ‘inner work’ with coaches, I began to recognize the spiritual path I’d been on my whole life.

It was that ‘something more’ I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

I remembered as a child not being afraid of angels, and just knowing there was an afterlife. I’d been drawn to stories from friends and relatives that I realized later had spiritual roots – unexplainable experiences that forged a common thread.  Because of my more scientific background I was most fascinated with books that bridged science, and spirituality e.g. The Road Less Travelled by Dr Scott Peck, MD, and Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss, MD.

I started seeing 11:11 a lot more often. So often that I finally googled it. I was led to pieces that put what I’d been learning into a more comprehensible cosmic reality. I now see the common elements among many of the widely accepted faiths or religions, and recognize the parts that have been humanly interpreted to fit the thinking of that time. There are many paths to God, but it’s the ONE I believe we’re all connected to holds a Universal message: be kind, compassionate, love one another, and ‘judge not – lest you be judged’.

Today I help clients overcome obstacles and experience what success, and joy mean for them by focusing on what I call your ‘spiritual health’. I’ve developed practices for living judgment-free that allow clients to find their own freedom to be who they are, which you can find on my VISION page.

The energy of our spiritual health is cornerstone of what drives our mental, physical, and emotional well being. It’s what connects us unconditionally in the way we love each other.

The Official Bio:

Carolyn certified as a co-active professional coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute, and specializes in spiritual relationship transformation. She holds a specialist degree in cognitive psychology, and Bachelor of commerce from the University of Toronto.

She coaches clients privately, as well as small groups around all life areas by applying her model of living judgment-free. It allows them to share, and live their truth, find forgiveness, release any guilt or shame, and navigate conflict in healthier ways. Her clients experience more joy, less stress, and a deeper sense of their true selves.

After researching, and experiencing the destructive impact of criticism, and judgment, she discovered the practices of how to deepen connection, communicate difficult truths, and love unconditionally. She applies them every day  in her own life with 3 teens, a supportive husband, and an incredible base of family and friends.

She’s currently writing 2 books: “Live the Love You Deserve: Imagine a Judgment-free World”, and “11:11 – a Global Spiritual Experience”.


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