I recently held a workshop to share an approach of aligning authentically that has helped me consistently create an even more fulfilling year than the one before.

Here are the highlights.

One of the most influential books I read years ago, and still actively practice is balancing my 4 energies from the bestseller: The Power of Full Engagement. It’s program continues to reach thousands in the business world through the Human Performance Institute where you can complete your own FREE energy profile.

The gist: managing your energy is more important than managing your time to be fully engaged in life. The goal is to reach your maximum energy potential to become:

• mentally focused
• emotionally connected
• physically energized

and spiritually aligned.

Just as you must stretch past your existing limits to physically grow your muscles, so must you move past your comfort zone to develop your strength in these equally critical areas.

Most of us tend to focus primarily on our weight, and fitness level for our outer strength, and physical health, but its our inner strength that fuels lasting change, and a true healthy balance.

How valuable is being physically energized if you’re emotionally stressed? What if your home is totally organized for mental focus, but spiritually you have no sense of purpose, meaning or deep connection in your relationships?

It requires consistent rituals tied to your authentic values. Take risks, be vulnerable, and notice how strong you didn’t realize you could become.

I believe our spiritual energy is the main driver for the other 3 energies. It’s at the centre leading the way, and the core of who you are that allows you to align authentically on all 4 levels.

Your soul manages your emotional, mental, and physical energy.  Your character, and sense of purpose define your soul. Who are you? What matters to you? How do you treat others?

Do you believe in a friendly, abundant Universe or one that is competitive where there is not enough? One journey finds its way joyfully with inner strength, the other with fear, and requiring outer strength.

There’s a balance where you can have both, but in the extremes you will lose your way. It’s how you believe spiritually that matters.

I’ve been watching Oprah’s latest documentary series called Belief. Seeing the vastly different ways millions of people believe about who we are, why we’re here, our universal quest for happiness, purpose, and navigating our struggles reminded me of how influenced we are simply by where you happened to be born.

It’s like your entire belief system is downloaded ahead of time, and that becomes your reality. Until you start questioning it all. Your life, and how you experience it rests on this one vital idea: how do you apply what you believe?

If you want to create your own life, open your eyes to the infinite of what you believe is possible, and suddenly all the rules, and expectations begin to fall away. DREAM BIG.

All the ‘shoulds’ the media feeds, and those around you imposing what you need, and should want that don’t belong to you becomes more apparent as you tap into trusting what you believe is true for you, and following your heart.

Do not forget that NO OTHER SOUL walks in the shoes you wear. Trust your inner voice. Anyone thinking how you should live is coming from their own perception of reality, not yours.

Your “inspirition, and imagination” comes from developing your soul.  Your soul is your ‘mid-mind’ that is midway between the material, and spiritual that your personality accesses throughout your lifetime. Your personality is your unique gift, bestowed at birth, and is separate from your soul.


Getting into your peace allows you to tap into your soul, and discover what your heart most values. There’s a being driving all the doing that creates a rhythm to move you forward almost effortlessly.

Signs, and synchronicities start showing up giving you evidence you are aligning spiritually. One of my signs is seeing 11:11, and many versions of it. Birds have been another sign. They appear in ways that still astound me, but no longer surprise me. It’s like the Universe is winking at me, and whispering “there is so much more here than your physical eyes can see.”

The movie “I Origins” shows a remarkably similar journey I experienced when I began seeing 11:11..I ended up with both validation, and more questions leading me in the direction I’m being called to go.

6 Steps to Completing Your Best Year Ever:

1. Complete the left side of this fun worksheet to review last year from Moritz Fine Designs. She creates printables that are simple, and effective. I did this exercise with my family over the holidays – my 3 teens loved sharing the answers to these questions – memorable, and valuable!

2. Find out where you are right NOW in all your life areas by completing your wheel of life. How satisfied are you in these areas out of 10? Discover your areas of focus for 2016.

3. Get super inspired by watching this video by Robin Sharma. It’s my absolute favourite to create your one page plan.

4. In 2010, I met the authors of the NY Times Bestseller: The Passion Test at their conference in San Diego. I learned how to formulate, and live my top 5 passions:“When my life is ideal I am….”. After each one write “this or something better” to create a clear intention. Writing is powerful. Don’t underestimate it.

What lights you up? What matters most? Here’s one of mine…”I am experiencing spiritual relationships that are inspiring, connected, and wildly fulfilling” that ties into my value of spiritual growth. It creates miracles when you let your passions lead your life.

5. Be prepared to tap into your soul’s true potential by watching brain scientist Jill Bolte Taylor‘s experience of having a stroke especially if you tend to look through a more scientific lens.

For an equally powerful, more artistic perspective, watch Elizabeth Gilbert‘s brilliant talk on Your Elusive Creative Genius.

6. Return to the worksheet in step 1, and complete the right side to create your best 2016.

ENJOY co-creating your magnificent year..


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